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Everybody has heard about poker. This card game is featured in many movies and played at basically all the brick and mortar casinos around the world. It is also very popular at online casinos. You can play poker against human opponents, enjoy modern live casino poker against the dealer, or open up a video poker machine which resembles online pokies. Different poker games suit different players, so have a try at all of them and find out which one is your favourite.


As is the case with most other online casino card games, you can play poker online for free as well. This gives you an excellent opportunity to learn more about new poker variants or simply get to know the rules of poker better. There are also plenty of poker bonuses available, in case you want to boost your winning chances. Some of them can even be no deposit bonuses, so make sure to check out our bonus listings, if you want to play poker for free and win real money!

Poker Games Online NZ – Many Faces of the Classic Card Game

Poker games online at NZ casinos offer a great variety of different entertainment. This classic card game has more different variants than any other casino game, maybe slot machines notwithstanding. If you enjoy poker games, playing online will keep you entertained for a very long time.

The best poker casinos NZ offer all the different forms of poker from video poker to live casino poker. There will be dozens of fun poker games to choose from, so everybody should be able to find a suitable option. And as we mentioned above, if you are still wondering how to play poker, you can go on training for free. Learning the poker rules this way is risk free, and you will even be able to win some money, in case you get a free poker bonus or a ticket to a freeroll tournament.

Poker games online offer a high Return to Player, so that’s another reason to choose poker. Be aware though, that the optimal RTP will not come easily. Besides the poker rules, you will have to learn some basic poker strategy in order to get there. Luckily, the perfect poker strategy for video poker games and live casino poker games is easy enough to find. Anybody will be able to learn these games with a little practice, so play poker free online to get your skills up to the necessary level. Then you’ll be ready to hit the real money poker tables in no time.

Choose the Best Poker Casino at

As with roulette, baccarat, and other classic casino games, it is important to find a good casino offering many different game variants. You can find all the best poker casinos NZ on our site, so all you have to do is choose one. There are even some poker bonuses available, so make sure to check them out before signing up. If you want to know more about a specific poker casino, read through our extensive review, which can be opened by clicking on the casino listing.

The best poker casinos will be those sites offering the widest selection of different games or alternatively the best poker bonuses and campaigns. By playing only at the poker casinos recommended by us, you can rest assured that your money is safe and the games are always fair. This means you can focus on the fun stuff, like comparing bonuses and game selection.

How to recognize the best poker casinos online:

  • All the different forms of online poker are available
  • There should also be a lot of different variants within every poker game group
  • Poker bonuses can be claimed on sign up or first deposit
  • You can play poker for free without registration
  • There is a poker app or possibility to play on mobile devices available

Play Poker Games Online for Free

There are many ways to play poker online, and there are also many ways to play poker games online for free. You can play poker for fun in demo mode using credits or try and win real money for free. The latter option is possible in freerolls, which can be entered for free and offer a chance of taking home real money prizes.

When you want to play poker for free, the main question is therefore, what kind of poker games are you interested in. If you want to try out the classic Texas Hold’em, the above mentioned freerolls are a good option. But in case you want to hone your skills in live casino poker, you will have to head to the RNG tables. Live casino poker cannot be played with free credits, so train your skills in a matching RNG table instead. If your interest lies in video poker machines, playing for free is even easier. All these machines can be played for free exactly in the same way as slot machines.

The good thing about playing online poker games for free is that you don’t even have to register an account. All the best NZ poker casinos offer a possibility to try out their game selection for free, and most of them don’t require you to open an account to do so. Just pick your new poker casino from our casino listings and hit the tables in demo mode to enjoy free poker online.

Poker Rules – How to Play Poker?


Poker is a card game where in most variants your goal is to form the best possible poker hand using five cards. These five cards can be all in your hand or both in your hand and visible at the table. The first are called hand cards, the latter community cards, meaning that they can be used by other players as well. For example in Texas Hold’em, a popular poker variant, there are 2 hand cards and 5 community cards available.

As you can probably guess, how to play poker depends a lot on the variant you choose. Different poker games have different poker rules, so be prepared to use some time to learn new variants. The hand values are mostly the same though, which makes it easier to learn new poker games as you familiarize yourself with the most common hand values.

When it comes to the actual playing cards, poker is played with a 52 card deck, which is separated into 4 suits: hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs. Well, that is true in most cases. Some video poker games may include a joker as well, adding 1 extra card to the deck. In some video poker variants some smaller cards can be considered jokers too, namely deuces or tens.

Start of the Poker Game Round

At the start of every classic poker game round there is a time to place initial bets called small blind and big blind. These will be placed by two players only and they offer the basis for the pot, which will be won by the winner of the game round. In casino poker rules these initial bets will have to be placed by all the players who want to participate in the round, though. Basically the same applies to video poker as well.

After initial bets are placed, the dealer will deal the first cards to all players. Sometimes this includes a few community cards as well. How to play poker from this point depends completely on the variant chosen. In drawing poker games, such as video poker, there will only be one more decision: which cards to keep and which to discard. In other poker rules it is usually time to check, fold, call, bet, or raise.

Checking, Folding, Calling, Betting and Raising in Poker


There are three poker terms you really should know in order to understand most poker games. These are checking, betting, and raising.

Checking means that you will not put any more money on the pot, but will continue in the hand anyway. This is possible, if nobody has bet any more money on a given game round. If there is a bet before you, and you don’t want to put any more money in, you’ll have to fold your hand. In this case the game round is over for your part, and you’ll lose your initial stake.

In case you find yourself with a poker hand with some value, you might want to stay in the hand for a while longer, even if somebody has already bet more money. In this case you can opt to call, placing an equal bet on the table. And if you have a better hand, maybe you are inclined to put more money in the pot yourself. If you’re first to act, this is called betting. In case there is already a bet on the table, you can also raise by at least double of the initial bet amount on the table.

Poker Hand Values


One of the most constant rules about poker are the hand values. Most of the poker games online use the same hand values, so it makes sense to learn these by heart. As always in poker, there are some games that have their own hand values, such as Deuces Wild video poker. Generally speaking the poker hand values are similar in all video poker, live casino poker and other poker variants though.

The most commonly used poker hand values are as below:

  1. Royal Straight Flush – A straight of same suit from Ace to Ten
  2. Straight Flush – A straight of same suit
  3. Four of a Kind – Four cards of same value
  4. Full House – Three cards of same value and a pair
  5. Flush – Five cards of the same suit
  6. Straight – Five cards that follow each other in points value, eg. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
  7. Three of a Kind – Three cards of same value
  8. Two Pair – Two pairs of same value cards
  9. One Pair – A pair of same value cards
  10. High Card – No other hands available, the highest card represents the hand value

At the end of the poker round all the players still in the hand will go to showdown. Now the best poker hand wins and the winner can add the pot to his stack. In case there is only one player left after everybody else has folded, this player will automatically win the hand. He won’t have to show what he had, meaning that bluffing is possible. If you think you can get all the other players out of the hand, bluffing can be a very effective poker strategy.

The Best Poker Card Games Online


The poker rules presented above apply to all poker games in general, but there are many small and even bigger differences between various poker variants. Compared to, for example, blackjack, online casinos offer a much more varied selection of poker games with different rules. This is both a gift and a curse: you do have a lot more to choose from, but there is also a lot of learning involved. Since most of the best poker card games have a skill factor involved, you will have to know the correct poker strategy to succeed.

Below we will tell you a little bit more about some poker variants, which we think are the best poker card games online. You can choose to play against human opponents, make your way to the live casino poker tables to challenge the dealer, or simply open a video poker slot machine and enjoy fast paced poker against the computer.

If you are new to online poker, why not play first for free? All the best poker games online tend to be available for free, so take advantage of that. By playing free poker online you can learn how to play poker in its many forms without risking any of you hard earned dollars. Only the live casino games cannot be played in demo mode, but even they are usually available in RNG form with exactly the same poker rules. Have a look at the best poker games online below and choose your favourite!

Casino Poker Games at the Live Casino


One of the most popular ways to play Texas Hold’em and other poker games online is the live casino. Casino poker is a form of poker, where you don’t play against other players but challenge the dealer instead. This adds a nice feeling of teamwork amongst the players, who can cheer each other on. In this sense casino poker is completely different from classic poker card games played against human opponents.

There are plenty to choose from at the best live casinos NZ when it comes to poker games. Besides Hold’em, you can enjoy interesting poker variants such as Three Card Poker and Caribbean Stud. Some of these games are more difficult to master than others, so have a look around and choose one that suits your skill set. Even though you can’t practice poker for free at the live casino, most of these games are available as RNG versions as well, so make use of them and train your skills for free before sitting down at the live casino poker tables.

A unique feature to be found only at the live casino poker games are bonus bets. These bets allow you to win more money, in case you happen to hit an especially good hand. There are even progressive jackpot poker games available. Hand value matters in casino poker, so in that sense it resembles more video poker than classic poker games, where you only have to beat your opponents.

Classic Poker Against Human Opponents Classic poker against human opponents is a fun way to spend time and earn some money doing so. There are many online casinos available which offer casino games, poker, and even betting all under the same roof. If you like to play different games, choose one of these NZ casinos with a wide range of different products. It has to be said though, that playing against other players is the most difficult form of poker. You will have to know what you’re doing, otherwise it is difficult to end up winning. Unlike in casino poker and video poker, there is also bluffing to worry about. You never know for sure what your opponents are holding, and the best players can bluff you out with a weaker hand, increasing the skill factor of the game. There are two general forms of classic poker available online: cash games and tournaments. For beginners we recommend the latter, since in tournament poker you can never lose more than your initial stake. And there’s the added chance of hitting a very big win, in case your poker instincts happen to be in tune and the luck is on your side. You can even play free poker tournaments and win real money, which is naturally a great way to learn this complex game.

Video Poker


The third option for poker lovers online is video poker. These poker machines resemble pokies in many ways, but they have a skill factor involved as well. You will be dealt a five card hand, and you will have to know which cards to discard in order to have the best probability to win. This is not always easy, but it’s also a good way to get better at counting poker odds.

Just like other poker card games, video poker online can be played as many different variants. One of the most popular ones amongst the NZ players are Jacks or Better, Joker Wild, and Deuces Wild. They differ from each other in terms of poker rules, some featuring extra jokers, others a chance to win even with a weaker hand. There are even variants where you’ll be dealt multiple hands at the same time. You can play all the video poker games for free, so have some fun and test them out in order to find your favourite.

The winnings in video poker games are based on a paytable which can be seen next to your hand. The better your poker hand is, the more you’ll win. The paytable is unique in all the different video poker machines, and it will naturally affect your decision-making while you play the game. There can also be a possibility to increase the RTP of the game by raising the stake. This is not strictly necessary though, since the RTP in the best video poker games is high anyway, even above 99 %!

Poker Bonuses Online

When you play at the best casinos online, there is always a possibility to boost your bankroll with a bonus or two. The poker games online are not an exception, even though all the casino bonuses are not always available to use at the poker tables. Some of them are, though, so it pays to have a look and see if you can earn a few dollars even before you start playing poker online.

Poker bonuses online can be divided in a few different categories. Firstly, there are the sign up bonuses. These bonuses will be given to you for free upon signing up an account, so you can play poker games risk free and win real money doing so.

Secondly, you can get a poker bonus upon making your first deposit. These deposit bonuses to poker tend to be larger in size, and they can be added to your account directly or after you reach a certain threshold of VIP points.

Thirdly, there is a possibility of receiving a constant poker bonus in form of cash back. This means that your online casino rewards you with some cash free of wagering requirements based on how much you have staked at the poker tables in a given period of time. We’ll have a closer look at all the different poker bonuses online below, so you’ll know which one fits your needs the best.

Free Money to Poker Games

Looking for free money for poker games? Finding free poker bonuses is not the easiest task in the world, but neither is it impossible. There are still some online casinos available which will try and attract new players by offering them free money upon signing up. Sometimes the bonus money can be used in any casino games available, including poker.

Besides free money to poker you can also get free tournament tickets simply by signing up to a new casino NZ. In this case your tournament tickets can be used in exclusive new player freerolls, prizes of which will be paid in real cash. There is the added benefit of playing only against other beginners, since more advanced poker players tend to prefer real money tournaments. Sometimes the prize money can be quite lucrative as well, so make sure to check out whether you can get a few freeroll tickets for free, once you sign up an account.

Deposit Bonuses to Poker Games


Once you decide to make a real money deposit, there is a much wider variety of poker bonuses within your reach. You can find huge deposit bonuses to poker games, mainly the ones played against other human players. The bonus amount you receive will be based on the size of the deposit you make. There are thousands of dollars worth of bonus money up for grabs, if you are ready to make a bigger deposit.

The deposit bonuses to poker games don’t usually work the same way as casino bonuses to pokies and slot machines. Instead of getting the bonus money on your account straight away, you will usually have to “clear” the bonus by staking real money at the poker tables. The bonus can be released in increments of $5 or $10, for example, meaning you’ll get the money on your account as soon as you have collected a certain amount of VIP points. This money is then yours wagering free.

Cash Back to Poker Games

Cash back is nowadays quite a common bonus on all casino games, but it was originally introduced to players in poker games. The cash back in poker games is a little better than other casino cash backs, since you don’t have to lose money to get it. Simply play poker online at a cash back casino, and you will get back a certain percentage of the rake you paid. Rake means the little fee the casino takes from every poker tournament or cash game hand played.

The above mentioned cash back to poker games applies to poker against human opponents. There is also a possibility of getting casino cash back to live casino poker, even though this is much rarer. The difference here is that now you get your cash back only in case you end up losing money within a certain time period.

Basic Strategy in Poker

In order to win money in online poker, you will have to understand the basic poker strategy of your chosen poker variant. Even though all the poker games have at least a decent RTP, it will not come true, unless you know what you’re doing. Therefore we recommend searching for the optimal poker strategy for every new poker game you decide to try out – and then testing at the free poker tables before betting real money.

Besides the optimal playing strategy, there are some strategic poker tips that can be applied on basically all the poker games. We have listed a few of these basic poker strategies below, so that you can get an overview of what can be beneficial to know, once you hit the tables.

  • Learn the odds on drawing straights, flushes, etc. This makes decision-making much easier.
  • Make sure to play with stakes that suit your bankroll. The variance in poker games can be high, so don’t go broke just because your stakes are too high.
  • Stay out of side bets and bonus bets. Many live casino poker games offer side bet options, but they have nearly always a higher house edge than regular bets.
  • Study other players. If you play poker online against others, try and have a decent understanding of the playing style of every opponent at the table. It’s important to know whether they play all hands available or sit there waiting for premium hands.
  • Make use of the poker bonuses. Every little helps, when it comes to boosting your poker bankroll. Grab all the freeroll tickets you can find and claim a deposit bonus whenever you can.

Poker Tournaments Online


Many poker players prefer to play poker tournaments online, leaving cash games to others. There is a definite logic to this, since in poker tournaments you can win huge amounts of money for a small stake. Sometimes you can even make money risk free, when your poker casino decides to grant you a freeroll ticket. Therefore it is worth understanding the difference between the types of poker tournaments available online.

Let’s have a look at the beginners’ favourite first: the freerolls. You can enter these multi-table tournaments with or without a ticket, depending on type of freeroll. The exclusive ones with the ticket are usually better though, since the player pool is much smaller and the prize pool usually larger. Freerolls without a ticket of entry tend to have thousands of participants, so make sure you have the time to sit through the whole tournament.

Other multi-table tournaments besides freerolls require a real money stake. You can pay for example $10 + $1 entry fee to enter a tournament. In this case $10 goes to the prize pool and 1$ is the casino’s fee. Once the tournament starts, the prize pool will be divided for the top 10 players or so, depending on the size of the tournament. There are many types of multi-table tournaments available, some of them with huge prize pools guaranteed by the casino. If you happen to get lucky and win one of these, you can make more than a thousand times your stake in prize money!

There are also single-table tournaments available, and you can sometimes get free tickets to them as well. Unlike the multi-table tournaments, these poker tournaments don’t have a set starting time. Instead they start when a certain number of players have registered. Usually the player pool is only 9 players or so, meaning they can sit at the same table from start to finish. The prize pools are naturally smaller than in multi-table tournaments, but on the other hand the chances of winning are much higher.

Frequently Asked Questions – Poker Games


How to Play Poker?

You can play poker in many different forms, which are all based on basic poker rules. You can either play against human opponents, challenge the dealer at the live casino, or have a spin at the pokie-like video poker machines. Most of these games use the same hand values and basic rules, but there are also exceptions. Make sure to understand the rules and basic strategy if you play poker online for real money.

Can I Play Free Poker Online?

Yes you can! You can play free poker online at dozens of high quality NZ casinos, which offer many forms of poker for free. Even registration is not strictly necessary, since most poker games online can be played without a separate account. By registering you will have more options though, and will be able to win real money at freeroll tournaments without spending any of your own.

What Are the Best Poker Games?

The generally accepted fact is that Texas Hold’em is the best poker game available. It is definitely the most popular poker game of the recent decades, and playing poker online often means playing Texas Hold’em. There are many other great poker games available though. Make sure to try out Omaha and various video pokers, which offer a bit lighter poker entertainment.

Where to Find the Best Poker Bonuses Online?

You can find all the best poker bonuses online at We have reviewed dozens of online casinos for your benefit, so have a look at our casino listings and pick your new poker casino out of many interesting options. Most sites offer some kind of a bonus when you sign up or make your first deposit, and often these bonuses can be used in poker games as well.

Is Poker a Game of Skill?

Yes, but with a big luck factor. If you don’t know the optimal strategy of the poker game you are playing, you won’t be able to reach the highest possible Return to Player. Some poker games are more complex than others, but all of them include at least a decision or two, where you have to know what you’re doing. As is the case with all casino games, luck always plays an important role as well.