Reel Time Gaming has certainly chosen an interesting path for itself. In an age where most land-based producers are decades old and established, and where most new casino companies are solely interested in online slots, this company has decided to embark on conquering the traditional markets as late as 2009. And they seem to have done a very good job at it.

Based in Australia, the company competes with giants like Aristocrat Leisure and Ainsworth. This hasn’t slowed them down one bit, with well over a hundred games produced and distributed. These games don’t have much of a presence online when it comes to advertising and media, even the company itself mostly deals with terminals and cabinets. Yet, you can find the slots in a variety of NZ online casinos, at least if you have as good a guide as us helping you find them.

Reel Time Gaming Casinos

Reel Time Gaming Casinos

Reel Time Gaming holds a gambling licence from the UK Gambling Commission, which should tell you something about the reach this company has. In just a handful of years, they have effectively managed to spread throughout the world, both offline and online. And all this without making much of a brand out of themselves. It’s simply that they let the games do all the talking.

Though there are some rumours that the company has table games available, we’ve mostly run across pokies. Slots seem to be the main product for the company, and you’d be hard pressed to find any other casino games in the selection. At least, that is what the situation looks like at the present. It’s not unusual for companies to look into new directions once their presence in one area becomes complete, as is happening with Reel Time Gaming.

Reel Time Gaming Slots

Reel Time Gaming Slots

Starting off, the majority of the games have originally been built for terminals and cabinets. These are the machines you see in casinos, gaming halls, kiosks, and other places where they are allowed to be placed. We’ve come a long way since the era of one-handed bandits, and modern gaming terminals are basically touchscreen devices with capable computers to run any set of games in high definition.

For Reel Time Gaming the design is based on normal cabinets, and what is also called ring games. The cabinets themselves are actually produced by a third party, with the software that comprises the Ring Games system being the actual product offered by the company. These games can be chosen by the operator, or they can simply trust in the premade packages that have been optimised by Reel Time Gaming to give the best possible overall gaming experience.

What’s Available Online

This is the real question, isn’t it? Despite the fact that Reel Time Gaming is an Australian game producer, their games aren’t all that popular in their native country. Probably because other companies have already cornered the market. You’re more likely to find these slot machines in European casinos.

And luckily, Europe happens to be the main location for online casinos too, at least all the trustworthy ones. Combine these two, and you have a good chance of finding a lot of these slots online.

Unfortunately, there is no comprehensive list available from the producer itself. At the moment there seem to be a couple of dozen different games present in a variety of online casinos. We suggest looking for the following games, as they seem to be the most popular:

Feel free to explore our suggested NZ online casinos with Reel Time Gaming slots to find out about these games and more.

Reel Time Gaming Common Features

As you can spot from the above list of games, the company even has Megaways games out. If you were thinking that this is just another lineup of what amounts to classic slots, you would be completely off the mark. That’s not to say you wouldn’t run into the occasional fruit machine, but on the whole, you can expect to find a pretty decent setup of features and wins.

For example, it’s not uncommon at all for wilds and scatters to come with extra functionality. Expanding to cover the reels, adding multipliers, or collecting wins. Bonus spins, also known as free spins, are in a steady supply too. Occasionally you’ll get access to things like bonus wheels. Though there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of jackpots, some of the games do reach phenomenal prize levels. And something that you can find in almost all of these games is the gamble function, also known as double-up.

Reel Time Gaming History

Not much information is available about this company. We do know they started operating in 2009, with a team that was already experienced in casino gaming and design. Their core talents extend to mathematics, art, design and development. Whilst the company does have a licence from the UK Gambling Commission, the headquarters and the only offices are located in Queensland, Australia, where they remain to this date.

It took some time for the company to get started, with the first online slot released in 2013 and the UK licence gained in 2015. And ever since they have simply concentrated on producing more and more games, building their offline and online portfolio. We wish there was more to tell about the company, but they have simply remained quiet. The company itself has also remained relatively small, so it’s actually quite surprising that its games can be played in over a hundred online casinos.

Surprisingly, the company has also remained independent during a time when other such smaller producers are bought out by the bigger competitors on what seems to be a daily basis. What all this means for the future of the company is an open question, much like everything else there is to know about Reel Time Gaming. Hopefully, they will have a better marketing department in the future to keep us all up to date with new releases.

Reel Time Gaming Bonuses

Reel Time Gaming Bonuses

Reel Time Gaming online slots can take advantage of casino offers, which mostly consist of cash bonuses. Free spins are rarely available. When we are talking about Reel Time Gaming casinos we usually simply mean casinos that have games from this provider. The company simply isn’t big enough, influential enough or has enough slots out to be the sole provider or even the flagship provider of any online casino. For this reason, targeted bonuses are quite scarce. 

Networked campaigns, those bonuses offered directly by the company, don’t seem to exist at all for the moment. That also includes things like slot tournaments or even free spins that generally accompany new slot releases. Overall, your best bet for getting bonuses is to pick one of our favourite online casinos with big cash bonuses, and then head onto the lobby to play your favourite Reel Time Gaming online slots with the bonus cash. 

Reel Time Gaming Casinos FAQ

Reel Time Gaming Casinos FAQ
  1. Is it Real Time Gaming or Reel Time Gaming?

These are in fact two separate companies, often confused with each other. The first one is usually abbreviated as RTG, whereas Reel Time Gaming tends to use the whole name (though some other casino review sites make the mistake of abbreviating it similarly). Reel Time Gaming is the Australian producer, whereas Real Time Gaming operates from the Antilles.

  1. Are these online slots mobile compatible?

Reel Time Gaming was a relative latecomer to the online slot scene, which offers an advantage in the sense that they could pick up the latest technologies without having to convert old games. This means that the games will work on all devices from smartphones to tablets and desktop by simply using a modern browser. Of course, the interface might not offer the latest innovations in mobile casino gaming, but the games will work on any device regardless.

  1. Are these games safe to play?

The company was licensed in 2015, with further licensing approved for the software in 2018. Presence in land-based casinos and cooperation with some of the biggest online casinos would point to the fact that the company has a good reputation and standing when it comes to safe and secure gambling. In short, yes, the games are completely safe to play.

  1. How many games are available?

At the moment the company has around one hundred games available for cabinets and terminals, with around thirty or so games available online. The release schedule doesn’t seem to add more than one or two games for online slots per year, something we wish the company would speed up in the future.

  1. Where can I play Reel Time Gaming online slots?

At our suggested casinos. The company is partnered with some pretty big software distributors, so the games themselves are surprisingly widely available. Make sure to pick a site that comes with superb bonuses and promotions!