Evolution Gaming has become such a successful live casino provider that they have managed to buy out companies like Net Entertainment and Nolimit City. When they started out one would have assumed the end result to be the other way around, but the company managed to surprise everyone.

The trek to the top hasn’t been a simple one, especially considering the fact that live casino gaming is a relatively new area and one that was met with much scepticism. Why exactly would you want to play table games over video feed when you could just go to a normal casino? Or simply play automated table games. As it turns out, plenty of people for a variety of reasons, some of which Evolution Gaming basically invented itself. Not only this, but game shows have become extremely popular, and a brand new section of casino gaming that didn’t even exist beforehand.

In this article we are going to take a look at the best Evolution Gaming casinos, the games they offer, the history of the company, tips on bonuses and promotions, as well as other parts of the company. Read on, or jump straight in with games via our suggested NZ online casinos!

Evolution Gaming Casinos

What makes an Evolution Gaming casino? Offering the live casino suite alone isn’t enough. We like to think that an online casino that truly appreciates what Evolution Gaming offers brings forth all the games, and takes advantage of private and shared tables. Not only this, but they have to offer live casino bonuses. The latter has been extremely rare until recent years, but is fast growing in popularity now both amongst players and online casinos.

Today the company operates a significant number of studios across the world and caters to most markets in English and in the native language.  Evolution Gaming is not only complementing online casinos with a selection of games that are hard to resist but today also competes with land-based casinos for the best service with live hosts. If you’re not familiar with the games yet we suggest you pick one of our recommended casinos, check for live casino bonuses, and get started straight away.

History of Evolution Gaming

The company was established in 2006, being one of the very first live casino providers to emerge. This made expansion and consolidation of the markets rather easy, at least in theory. In practice, the company had to invent, improvise and improve the whole concept, technology and software of live casino from scratch.

It took a few good years to get started and running, but already by 2010, the company was snatching up industry awards like there was no tomorrow. Mobile support for their live casino games was added soon after, in 2012. Now you could play live casino games from anywhere and everywhere, provided you had a decent enough internet connection on your smartphone.

The original studios in Riga were getting a bit crowded, with over one hundred different tables in operation by 2013. This led to new studios being opened in Spain. In the following years, studios would expand into Malta, Belgium, Romania, Canada and Georgia. At the same time, it seemed like the company was now available in all online casinos worth a dime. This was despite the fact that other live casino providers were starting to pop up as well.

Acquisitions and New Live Casino Games

By 2018 the company had expanded into US markets and was already listed in the stock markets. Evolution Gaming judged this to be the year to start acquiring other companies, as they purchased Ezugi, one of their main competitors in live casino products. A year earlier, in 2017, the company launched their first game show: Dream Catcher. This was followed by an increasing tempo of releases as the concept proved extremely popular amongst players.

Monopoly and Deal or No Deal joined the family of game shows in 2019, with NetEnt and Red Tiger bought by the company in 2020. Neither of these was expected, with the purchase of NetEnt a big surprise and proof that Evolution Gaming was truly becoming a casino giant. At the same time, the company managed to launch twelve new games, creating the largest selection of live casino games ever seen.

Gameshows would expand to incorporate slots with the launch of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt the following year, with studios in the US expanding at the same time. The company also purchased Big Time Gaming, a game provider whose unique Megaways slots have achieved legendary status. With such advances, it’s hard to see what there is even left for Evolution Gaming to achieve, let alone who could compete with what they offer. The company is certainly the top live casino producer and a favourite of almost all casino players.

Evolution Gaming Table Games

Table games are the bread and salt of casino gaming. Historically, these are considered the original casino games, spanning back hundreds of years. Though online slots have taken over as the more popular form of casino gaming in online casinos, there’s still plenty of room for table games too. Naturally, automated table games could never quite challenge or replicate the experience you get in traditional casinos. 

The reason why live feed table games didn’t really become popular at the same pace as other casino games was technology. Early smartphones couldn’t handle the requirements, and in general, streaming wasn’t possible on the same scale due to lower internet connection speeds. General development, or evolution if you will, of all of these allowed Evolution Gaming to send video feeds of live croupiers and tables to online casinos and players worldwide. Of course, considerable studio space was needed for all this.

The first games were obviously the familiar ones: roulette, blackjack and baccarat. These were followed by different versions of the same games, perhaps with extra bets, higher betting limits, different languages, and so forth. Over the years this has expanded then to also include a variety of other table games popular around the world: Craps, live poker, Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, Bac Bo, Dragon Tiger, Fan Tan and others.

The games are always streamed live. The actual playing area, or setup, is a combination of software and dedicated equipment. This is strictly divided between the actions the host or croupier takes and the actions the player takes. So for example the roulette wheel and the ball that rolls around are present physically in the studio, whereas the betting area, known as the layout, is presented to the player via the software. The same applies to blackjack, where the dealer deals the cards, but the players place the bets on the software. This naturally is the only sensible way of doing things.

Players get access to all kinds of software tools. You can automatically place different betting configurations, and follow statistics of your own games and of rounds played so far. Tutorials and other guides and information are readily available. Most of these traditional table games also come with plenty of different side bets, which frankly add a whole new dimension to gaming. Games that traditionally have offered only double payouts can add in rare conditions that pay out a hundred times your bet. Some other games offer jackpots. The odds might not be as good as with the normal bets, but the payouts are considerably higher and sometimes worth going after.

Evolution Gaming Game Shows

Gameshows have traditionally been some of the most popular shows on television. It’s only natural that these sorts of games take on a whole new dimension when transferred into online space. Instead of entering the studio, the player gets to take part in the action directly from their home. Or from anywhere else for that matter, as all of these games offer complete mobile support.

Dream Catcher was the first title to ever emerge in this category. It functions through a live money wheel, with pretty simple rules and payouts. All to the tune of excellent hosts. Deal or No Deal Live combined influences from TV, with some really innovative setups exploring the concepts and possibilities of live shows.

Since these two, a whole array of other games have been developed and published. Lightning Dice offers a rare chance to enjoy gaming with dice, something that is perhaps the oldest form of gambling but today limited to a mere handful of games. Of course, this is quite a modern take on the concept. Football Studio adds in a popular theme for sportsbook fans, though the game itself is played with a simple bet on cards. Mega Ball gives you that feeling of lottery and other similar games, whilst Lightning Roulette takes the possible wins from roulette into a completely new level.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt continued the story started by Net Entertainment and once again is a first for the whole industry. This game combines influences and adds in the live gaming environment. The wins in this game rise to completely new levels, easily matching the slots themselves. 

There’s more than this, with the selection constantly evolving and increasing as the company both designs new games and explores old concepts. The game shows and table games are starting to disappear as separate categories too, with both mixing influences from each other. 

Other Games from Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming itself doesn’t produce online slots or anything else than live casino games for that matter. But, it’s worth mentioning that they do function as a parent company for some of the biggest and most popular slot developers. Not to mention that their selection of live games is further reinforced and diversified by owning Ezugi.

Red Tiger is famous for its online slots, as well as an array of table games. More than this, there’s a wide array of promotional tools as well as bonus setups, allowing customisation, tournaments, and much more. Big Time Gaming likewise adds a very powerful array of slots into this mix. The most popular of these are the Megaways slots, which have been licensed for a variety of other game producers. 

Of course, Net Entertainment itself is a legendary game producer. These online slots alone would be enough to fill any online casino with superb games to play. And of course, there’s a wide variety of additional table games. NetEnt used to run their own live casino as well, though this was incorporated directly into Evolution Gaming.

Now, it’s not that Evolution Gaming itself produces online slots or other casino games. Rather it’s the fact that wherever you are going to find Evolution Gaming live casino, you’re just as likely to find these remaining brands. And to be honest, you don’t really need anything else than these to have interesting, engaging and fun casino games to play for ages to come.

Evolution Gaming Bonuses

Live casino bonuses have traditionally been scarce and even nonexistent. The same has applied to automated table games, which could be played with bonus cash but which would also mean decreased wagering. This has only recently started to change, with bonus cash the most common feature. Be sure to check the terms and conditions for these promotions, as they differ from the normal slot bonuses that you might have grown accustomed to.

Evolution Gaming itself offers all the tools necessary to provide bonuses for their games. Not to mention that their other brands come with all sorts of bonus tools of their own, something which the parent company has learned a lot from. Besides bonus cash, the company offers game-specific rewards. These include custom tournaments for different games. Equally interesting is the ability for an online casino to reward their players with free games for live casino products, which is something unprecedented so far. 

Overall, this is an area that Evolution Gaming has basically just started looking into. And once again, they’re pretty much the first company to do so. We fully expect an increasing array of bonuses, promotions, tournaments and networked campaigns to emerge in the future. For the best casinos to play and enjoy these benefits, simply check our recommended Evolution Gaming NZ online casinos.

Why Choose Evolution Gaming Casinos

If you are at all interested in live casino games, then Evolution Gaming casinos are your best choice. Not only is this the first live casino provider, but they have also proven to be the most innovative, with the greatest selection of different games. Not only this but the number of different tables with different configurations, and even different languages if that’s what you want, is unmatched by any other live casino company.

You’ll also get your hands on some of the only live casino bonuses available. These are often further paired with the other brands, giving the possibility of free spins, tournaments, jackpots, bonus cash and other promotions for online slots. And of course, you’ll get access to all those other games too.

There’s also the question of safety and security. Evolution Gaming operates in pretty much all the jurisdictions there are, including the traditionally difficult American markets, where the company now has several studios. They have a reputation to protect, as well as their own interests. You can be quite certain that all the games are as safe and secure as possible, and offer truly random results as you’d expect from gambling games.

Overall, why would you pick any other live casino over Evolution Gaming? As things stand, there is simply no reason not to enter an Evolution Gaming online casino. And of course, we have the best suggestions for you, with plenty of different bonuses and promotions.

Evolution Gaming Casinos FAQ

  1. Can I play these games on mobile devices?

Smartphones and tablets have been supported since 2012. The interface and setup is of course different, and with mobile devices, you might want to use decreased image quality, at least when not connected to Wifi. The actual games and gameplay still play out the same. In short, if you have a device capable of watching videos online, you’re good to play at Evolution Gaming live casinos.

  1. Can I try these games for free?

You can’t play most, if any, of these games for free due to the nature of live casino games. As a host is employed these are not single-player games. However, you might be able to observe other players playing. It also depends on individual casinos whether you need to register or not to do so.

  1. Which licences does Evolution Gaming have?

Evolution Gaming has licences or complies with regulations from over twenty different jurisdictions. These include ones from Malta Gaming Authority, Alderney Gambling Control Commission, United Kingdom Gambling Commission, West Virginia Lottery, Antillephone NV Curacao and many of the other important areas. These licences cover different areas like supplying games, operating and manufacturing games, offering online games, and pretty much anything regarding online casino gaming. 

  1. Can I play these games with NZD?

There is native support for New Zealand Dollars to be used as currency. However, make sure to pick a New Zealand online casino, as without a casino supporting the currency it’s not usable for you in the games either.

  1. What is the highest paying Evolution Gaming live casino game?

Traditionally table games have offered quite small wins, at least when compared to the original bet. In online slots, you can win tens of thousands of times your bet, whereas most table games offer wins that are around forty times your bet. This is something that Evolution Gaming had in mind when they developed Crazy Time, a game show where you can win up to 25 000 times your bet.