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A definitive guide to learning roulette for New Zealand gamblers

There is hardly a more classic casino game available than roulette. Even the people who are not interested in casino gaming will recognize the iconic roulette wheel and table.

First played in the 17th century in Europe, roulette has now taken over the whole world. And nowadays it is especially the online roulette that the players are interested in. This is mostly thanks to impressive live dealer roulette tables, which are available on all the best roulette casinos NZ. Playing the best roulette games with real dealers and real people from the comfort of our own home? Sign us up!

Besides the online roulette games, in this article we will also have a look at the basic roulette rules, so you’ll know how to play roulette right from the start. And in case you’re a bit more advanced roulette player, have a look at the various roulette strategies you can use to spice up this classic casino game.

Online Roulette – Easy Game of Chance with Style


Online roulette is a great option for any NZ casino player, since it is a pure game of chance which is quite easy to learn. You can’t really go wrong playing online roulette, so you’ll always be able to enjoy the high RTP of over 97 % in many roulette variants, even if you’re just beginning to try out your luck at the roulette tables.

Nearly all the NZ casinos online offer many roulette games, both live and against the computer. You can play roulette for free as well, in case you’re still wondering how to play roulette and don’t want to risk your dollars learning. But as we said, online roulette rules are very easy to learn, so there should be no need for excessive training before taking your seat at the real money roulette tables.

As with most online casino games, you can boost your chances at online roulette by claiming a roulette bonus or taking part in a roulette campaign or a tournament. The bonuses are not as plentiful as for example in case of slot machines, but there are many good roulette bonuses to be found and enjoyed. By choosing one of the best roulette casinos online, you’ll be sure to reap rewards while playing roulette at the live casino.

Choose the Best Online Roulette Casino at

Once you decide to try your hand at roulette, it is time to select your new roulette casino. The easiest way to find the best online casinos for roulette players is right at your fingertips. We here at have compiled many of the best online casinos, and there are plenty of options for roulette players of all levels.

If you want to dig in deeper, go ahead and read a few of our casino reviews. By reading our reviews you can find the best roulette casino just for you in a few minutes. Below you can see a few pointers on what to consider when choosing the best roulette casino online.

How to recognize the best roulette casinos online:

  • Possibility to play roulette for free
  • Plenty of live roulette options available
  • Roulette bonuses or campaigns for NZ players
  • A well known license to guarantee safety
  • The site also runs well on mobile devices

Live Roulette vs RNG roulette


You can enjoy online roulette in two different ways. The most popular one nowadays is live dealer roulette, which means playing online roulette broadcasted live from a studio or even a brick and mortar casino. The other option is playing alone against the computer in RNG roulette tables, which translates to Random Number Generator roulette. Even though live roulette is easily the number one choice of nearly all NZ roulette players, there are upsides and downsides to both game types.

Of course, when it comes to the entertainment value, there is no beating live roulette. Playing with real people and a real croupier is always more fun, and the high definition video quality guarantees that the graphics are top notch as well. There are also plenty of different options available in terms of roulette variants and tables. You can choose the classic version of go for something completely different, like the Lighting Roulette from Evolution Gaming.

What do RNG roulette tables have to offer against modern live roulette? Well, first of all they can be a great place to start learning the roulette rules. Granted, the playing experience lacks the glamour of live casino tables, but at RNG roulette tables you can play for free. This option is not available in live dealer roulette, where you will have to place a real money bet in order to take part in a game round.

Another reason to play RNG roulette would be a slow internet connection. In live roulette you don’t want your internet to crash, but in RNG roulette it’s not a problem. The game will continue exactly where you left it, once you manage to reconnect. It is worth mentioning though, that the modern live casino roulette games are not so demanding either in terms of hardware or internet connection. If you have for example a decent mobile phone and a connection, there’s no reason to head to the RNG tables.

Play Free Roulette Online – No Download

Looking to play free roulette online no download? In that case the above-mentioned RNG roulette tables are made just for you. You can enjoy free roulette online as long as you want using credits that can be replenished in case you happen to run out.


Best of all, you can play free roulette online in basically all the online casinos. You don’t even have to register an account. Just pick any of the best roulette casinos we recommend on this page and start playing for free. There are only a few casinos which might require registration, but in that case you can just pick another one.

In order to play free roulette online, head to the roulette section of your new casino and hover your cursor over one of the RNG roulette games available. There will be an option to start the game in demo mode, which is just another way of saying you can play free roulette online no download. This is even possible on mobile devices, so you can start practicing the roulette rules and strategies also on your mobile phone or tablet!

Different Roulette Games Online

When choosing a roulette game online, the rule of thumb is clear: the European roulette games beat the American ones. The three main roulette variants are European Roulette, French Roulette, and American Roulette. There are of course many different roulette games which use European, French, or American rules, but these are the main ones to understand.


The most important difference between the different roulette games online is the house edge, which is much higher in American roulette than the others. Since we don’t want to give the house any more edge than necessary, it makes sense to stay away from all American roulette games. Something that can be easily done at most roulette casinos NZ, since they almost always offer at least the European Roulette, if not the French one.

Avoid the American Roulette!

We have established that the American Roulette should be avoided. Let us now explain why. As the roulette is originally a European game, it reached the American casinos a lot later on. And they were not exactly ecstatic about this old classic table game providing a high RTP to players. So what to do?

Americans are nothing if not inventive when it comes to money. The casinos decided to make the game a little better for the house by adding an extra zero to the roulette wheel. Therefore the American Roulette wheels always have one slot more than their European counterparts, raising the amount from 37 to 38.

This little double zero has a big impact on the house edge, bumping it up from 2,70 % to 5,4 %. Too bad for the American players who still have to play roulette with these rules in some of their brick and mortar casinos. Thankfully, we NZ players can easily avoid the American roulette tables online by choosing an NZ casino with European or French Roulette.

European Roulette vs French Roulette

It is also worth explaining further, what exactly is the difference between the European Roulette and the French Roulette? Does it matter which one to choose, and most importantly, will French lessons be needed to play the latter?

Firstly, the best roulette games available by RTP are always French Roulettes. We mentioned the house edge being 2,70 % in European Roulette, but in the French version it is even less. By implementing one of the extra rules the French Roulette has, the house edge will effectively be halved, being as low as 1,35 %.

These extra rules are called “La Partage” and “En Prison”, and they are both used on even money bets only. In La Partage the player loses only half of their stake, in case the roulette ball ends up in zero. The En Prison rule also applies, when the result is zero. In En Prison the stake will be “imprisoned”, meaning that it will be left on for another spin. If the result favours the player, the stake will be returned in full.

Then about the French language… The roulette table in French Roulette will be written in French, meaning it’s probably not the best option for beginners, who don’t know the language. With some experience, though, the French Roulette table can actually be understood quite easily. Don’t be afraid to ask the croupier, in case you are playing Live French Roulette!

Roulette Rules – How to Play Roulette?


If you’re still wondering how to play roulette, not to worry – we are here to help. The roulette rules are quite easy to learn and understand, even though the roulette table might look a bit intimidating at first. Thankfully you can play roulette free online and try out the different bets without real money stakes. This way you’re sure to be ready, when it’s time to hit the real money roulette tables.

Firstly, it is worth mentioning that all the roulette games have basically the same roulette rules. So there’s no need to re-learn the game every time you change to a different variant.

How to play roulette in practice then? Every game round starts with placing the stakes on the roulette table. There are a variety of betting options available, all of which we’ll cover below. You can place your stakes within the given timeframe by dragging chips on the table. Once the time runs out, all bets stand and the croupier closes the betting.

Roulette Wheel

Now it’s time to spin the roulette wheel. Then the croupier sends the roulette ball on its way, catching all the eyes as it spins around the wheel. The ball will land in one of the 37 slots, which cover the European or French roulette wheel. In the American version the number of available slots is 38.

All the slots have a colour and a number, and they are always set up in the same order on the roulette wheel. This is important, as some players like to bet on certain number combinations, which appear next to each other on the wheel.

There are never two numbers of the same colour next to each other either: red is always followed by black. The only exception to this rule is the green zero, which breaks the red and black monotony.

Roulette Table, Odds and Payouts

The odds of the roulette ball landing on any number on the roulette wheel are obviously equal. Once the roulette ball stops though, there are many different sizes of wins paid out to the lucky players. These are based on where at the roulette table you placed your stake.

The roulette odds vary from 1:1 (even money bets) to as high as 35:1, in case you decide to bet on a single number. The different betting options available in roulette rules are usually split in two categories. These are called inside bets and outside bets. The first ones cover all the numbers and their combinations on the roulette table, the latter ones mean even money bets, such as high/low.

Below you can find all the roulette bets and their payouts, starting with inside bets:

  • Straight Up (1 number) – Easy enough to understand. Pick 1 number and hope for the best. Payout odds 35:1.
  • Split (2 numbers) – Drop your chip on a line splitting two numbers. Either one wins. Payout odds 17:1.
  • Street (3 numbers) – Place the stake on the outer edge of three horizontal numbers. All win. Payout odds 11:1.
  • Corner (4 numbers) – This bet is placed in the corner of 4 numbers, which will all win. Payout odds 8:1.
  • Column (12 numbers) – There are 3 columns of 12 numbers you can choose from. Place your bet on the line below them. Payout odds 2:1.
  • Dozen (12 numbers) – Alternatively, you can choose a dozen bet, meaning you bet on numbers 1–12, 13–24, or 25–36. Payout odds 2:1.

There are also three outside bets available to choose from:

  • Red or Black – Clear as day. Put your money on red or black numbers. Payout odds 1:1.
  • Odd or Even – Nothing strange here either. You bet on odd or even numbers. Payout odds 1:1.
  • High or Low – The last bet option means you bet on numbers 1–18 or 19–36. Payout odds 1:1.

Roulette Strategy


Even though we now know that roulette is a pure game of chance, this has not always been as clear to even the brightest of mathematicians and other roulette players.

Ever since the roulette wheel was invented and the game was built around it, the players have tried to “solve” roulette in various ways. During the years this led to many roulette strategies, some of which are still in use even today.

All the roulette strategies are based on even money bets like red/black or high/low. These offer the lowest variance, making it possible to use the strategies even with a smaller bank roll. As always, make sure to play in European or French roulette tables to maximize your winning chances.

Be aware though, that all the roulette strategies above can change the variance and the nature of roulette quite a lot. Therefore we always recommend trying out the new roulette strategy for free before jumping in to the real money roulette tables. That way you can get a clearer picture of the roulette strategy and how it affects the game, adjusting your stake accordingly.

Martingale Strategy in Roulette

Developed in the 18th century, the Martingale strategy is by far the most popular betting strategy in roulette tables all over the world. This strategy can be said to be the only one which has actually “solved” roulette, meaning that you cannot lose using it.

So why aren’t we all millionaires already? Well, in order to work flawlessly, Martingale strategy in roulette needs two things: a limitless roulette table and infinite bankroll. Not that easy to find either one, since basically all roulette tables online and otherwise have an upper limit on stakes. Not to mention the bankroll…

In any case, when it comes to roulette strategies, the Martingale strategy is a fun option to try out. In this simple strategy the bet size is doubled after every losing round, until the win finally hits. Then it’s time to go back to the original stake.

The upside of the Martingale roulette strategy is, that once you win, you’ll always get your money back. And the winning rounds will grow your bankroll steadily. The downside is, that you might lose big amounts of money in a short time, in case you hit a losing streak. Doubling up your stake every round makes the total stake surprisingly big surprisingly fast, so be aware of that and set yourself a limit to your losses.

D’Alembert Strategy in Roulette

D’Alembert strategy is another interesting roulette strategy which can change the nature of the game. This strategy is based on an idea that the universe will always balance itself out. Thus even at the roulette table black numbers should be more likely to appear if there’s been a long row of red ones before them.

Sounds like pseudo-science? Unfortunately, that might just be the case. The odds of roulette are not based on previous game rounds, so it does not matter which numbers have been hit previously. Still, even today you can see the previous results in many roulette games online, meaning that many players do pay attention to them.

Be that as it may, D’Alembert roulette strategy can still be worth trying out. The way it works is very simple, just like the Martingale strategy. Firstly, you always play the same even money bet. Every time you win, you should increase your stake by one unit. Everytime you win, you should raise it with the same amount. Then just set yourself a winning limit, which once reached will take you back to your original stake.

Paroli Strategy in Roulette

Paroli strategy is another popular roulette strategy used on brick and mortar casinos and online casinos alike. This strategy is also called “the inverse Martingale”, and it is easy to see why.

In Paroli strategy you don’t raise your stake after a loss. Instead you wait until you win to double your stake. And if you win again? It’s time to double the stake again.

That is it though for most Paroli players, who will return to their original stake after two wins in a row. If you want to take a bigger risk, you can extend the Paroli strategy to three wins in a row, but be aware of the variance…

The Best Roulette Bonuses Online


When playing any casino games online, one should always be on the lookout for casino bonuses. This is the case with roulette as well, granted there are not as many roulette bonuses online as for example slot bonuses.

Be that as it may, the best roulette bonuses online can give you an extra edge in this game, where the house edge is only 2,70 % – or even less in the French Roulette. At we always keep an eye on new casinos offering roulette bonuses, so have a look at our casino reviews to find yourself a bonus for the roulette tables.

What kind of roulette bonuses are there, you might ask? Well, practically all the casino bonus types are available to roulette as well. For the beginners there are sometimes free money offers, which can be claimed upon sign up. They are the rarest of the bunch, though.

You can also get a deposit bonus to live roulette, or possibly a weekly cash back. It is worth mentioning that most if not all of the best roulette bonuses online are only to be used in live roulette. That is not a problem, of course, since the live roulette tables are definitely the most entertaining ones you can find at the roulette casinos NZ!

Free Money to Roulette

Looking to play roulette online free and making some real money doing so? That sounds like a dream come true to many players. Luckily this dream can become a reality, if you happen to find a free money bonus to roulette games.

Free money to roulette is not the most common type of sign up bonus, but some of the best roulette casinos might still offer it from time to time. You’ll get a few dollars to spend at the casino as you see fit, so head straight to the roulette tables and try your luck.

Make sure to read the bonus rules thoroughly, since there will be a wagering requirement and most likely a limit on what you can win. The bonus rules might be strict, but hey – it is free money you are playing roulette with anyway!

Deposit Bonuses to Roulette


Deposit bonuses to roulette are much more common sight than free money, even though not as common as getting a deposit bonus to slot machines. With these bonuses the amount of bonus money you get is based on percentage, which will be added on top of your deposit. For example, you can get a 100 % roulette bonus up to 200$, meaning you’ll have 400$ to play with, if you decide to deposit 200$ to your account.

As is the case with all casino bonuses, some free spin offers notwithstanding, the deposit bonuses to roulette will have a wagering requirement. And a big one at that. Since the RTP in roulette is quite high, and the game can be played with low variance bets, the casinos won’t let you get away with the bonus money too easily. Prepare to wager your roulette bonus for a long time and don’t claim too big a bonus to wager within the given time limit.

Cash Back to Roulette

Cash back is one of the casino bonuses that is basically made for roulette – even though some casinos exclude roulette from their cash back offers as well.

This roulette bonus online is different from the others, since it only activates when the luck has not been your side lately. There is a certain time limit set, usually a week, and if you have taken losses during that period, you’ll get a percentage of your money back in cash. Nice right?

The cash back in roulette is usually 10 % or 15 %, giving you a decent boost to try your luck again for free. As always, make sure to check the cashback rules thoroughly. As we mentioned, sometimes roulette can be excluded, and some online casinos might also have quite high minimum limits for their roulette cash backs. In other words, you’ll have to lose more to get any cash back at all.

Other Roulette Bonuses

The three types of roulette bonuses explained above are not necessarily the most common ones you will find at the best roulette casinos NZ. Many casinos prefer other types of roulette bonuses, where the players will have to work for their bonus money.

There are many roulette bonuses that require you to achieve certain things at the roulette table, such as playing X amount of spins or winning with a certain bet type. As a prize, you can get free money bonus to roulette or even free spins to slot machines. It is really up to the casino, how they will reward their players in this sort of roulette bonuses.

You can also find a decent amount of other roulette campaigns online. These include roulette lotteries, where you’ll have to stake a certain amount to get a ticket, and roulette tournaments. The tournaments can have many different formats, but the most common one is based on the total stake as well. Thus high rollers tend to have the upper hand, given their bankrolls and tendency to bet big. There are exceptions to this rule, so keep your eyes open, if you want to find a roulette tournament more fitting to regular players or beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions – Roulette


How to Play Roulette?

Playing roulette is relatively easy. Even though the roulette table might look a bit complicated at first sight, playing the game is definitely not difficult. Just place your bet on the roulette table and watch how the roulette wheel spins. If the ball hits your number, colour or other bet you have made, you’re a winner. All the roulette bets have a payout based on their probability to hit, so you can change the variance of the game by choosing different bet types.

How to Play Free Roulette Online?

There are many online casinos offering free roulette online for NZ players. By visiting our site you can choose a new roulette casino to suit your needs and play free roulette online in no time. Even signing up is not necessary, since the best casinos offer free roulette for visiting players as well. Just click the roulette game open in demo mode, and you are good to go. Keep in mind though that the Live roulette cannot be played for free.

Where to Find the Best Roulette Casinos NZ?

You can find all the best roulette casinos NZ at! We review many new casinos every month and offer you a long list of good options to choose from. All the online casinos on our site have been thoroughly tested, and you can deposit money to them safely and securely. The best roulette casinos offer dozens of roulette games, including both RNG and live casino roulette.

Can I Get Roulette Bonuses Online?

Yes you can! Roulette bonuses online are not as common as slot bonuses, but there are some good roulette casinos out there who give their players a chance to play roulette with a bonus. You can find all the best roulette bonuses online easily at Our bonus listings also include many roulette offers, so make sure to check them out.

What Is the RTP in Roulette?

Roulette has a high RTP which can vary a little between different roulette games. The highest RTP in roulette can be enjoyed at French Roulette with La Partage or En Prison rule in place. If you play this roulette game with even money bets, the RTP will rise up to 98,65 %. In European Roulette the RTP is 97,30 % regardless of what you decide to bet on.