Pragmatic Play is a relative newcomer to the casino industry, having started operations in 2015. Despite their young age, they have become a prominent player in hundreds of online casinos. There are quite a few good reasons for this, not least of which is their excellent selection of online slots.

Pragmatic Play Casinos

Besides the pokies, you will find a variety of interesting casino games to check out. Pragmatic Play has its own live casino, sportsbook, virtual sports, RNG games and even online bingo. Their enhanced promotion engine offers amazing possibilities for bonuses, something which is further enhanced by the drops & wins system. This approach of offering both games and unique promotions for them has allowed quick growth. But it’s the quality of it all that makes players stick with the games.

The company is based in Malta, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man, with a local gaming licence ensuring compliance with the strictest of regulatory standards. That is to say, you can be sure that these games are safe and secure to play. Let’s take a look at what Pragmatic Play casinos have to offer, and what sort of casino gaming excellence you’re about to be entertained by.

Pragmatic Play Casinos

Though Pragmatic Play isn’t likely to be the sole provider of casino software and games in any one casino, they very well could be. The expanse of casino products offered by this company is massive enough to ensure that you won’t run out of games to try any time soon. And that’s not just something that applies to quantity, but quality and variance too. Different sorts of games for different sorts of people.

The company acknowledged early on that as important as the games are, they also need other tools of engagement to make the spins even more interesting. Not only does this mean compatibility with free spins and bonus cash, but specialised bonus programs, slot tournaments and networked campaigns.

The abundance of games, licences, bonuses, languages, currencies, certificates and even awards has led to the widespread presence in online casinos. Pragmatic Play is one of those providers who is almost omnipresent, whether that is at the restricted national casino sites, or international online casinos. What we can tell you is that wherever you are going to encounter this producer, you’re sure to be in for a pretty great selection of games. Prepare yourself for some top-notch entertainment!

Pragmatic Play History

Though the official story of Pragmatic Play begins in 2015, the actual history of the company begins before this. Though it’s worth noting that there is very little official information available, Pragmatic Play is actually a rebrand of an earlier software company known as TopGame. Or rather than a rebrand, a continuation at some level. This company had a bit of a troublesome history, probably due to their extended presence in US casino markets. Exact details vary, but what we know to be certain is that a rebranding was needed.

After being launched in 2015, and acquiring the TopGame portfolio (which for the most part is not available anymore), Pragmatic Play headed into a completely new direction. Though these early days, before the rebranding, were somewhat suspicious, the new direction has proven to be quite fruitful. Not to mention that the company immediately applied for licences, gaining one from Malta Gaming Authority in 2016, and another one from the UK Gambling Commission in 2017. Further licences have followed since then, such as the Romanian, Greek and the one from the Philippines. It’s pretty obvious that Pragmatic Play is a provider who has made sure to be as secure and safe an option for players as possible.

In a way, the rest of the history has been rather uneventful for the company. They have simply spent their time snatching up industry awards, growing their selection of games, entering new markets, and developing new products. It’s quite clear that the goal is to grow bigger, and offer more, and do it all better than any of the competing casino software companies.

That said, what do the games from pragmatic Play look like?

Pragmatic Play Casino Games

Pragmatic Play Casino Games

The single largest group of games are online slots. This is no surprise as the same situation applies to pretty much every casino game producer and online casinos. Pokies have simply become the biggest single group of games as casino players love them. That said, it’s not the only group of games from Pragmatic Play, and certainly, the company isn’t solely concentrating on being the biggest and best provider in this area.

Online bingo is something that has become a competition between a handful of operators. Pragmatic Play has stayed in the game so far, and that’s not just down to blind luck. The sportsbook in turn is a relatively new product, having been launched in 2022. It’s a bit too early to say how this particular area is playing out, but we’re pretty sure it’s going to surprise not only players but casinos alike. And that’s not all that the company has in reserve for interested players. Join us as we take a look at all the details below.

Pragmatic Play Online Slots

As said, the original cast of games was purchased or inherited from TopGames, though those slots are pretty much gone by now simply due to their age. Pragmatic Play has concentrated on increasing the size of its selection, whilst also improving quality considerably.

The company has several different lines of games going on. Classic fruit pokies are well represented, especially with the Shining Hot series, which gives you plenty of options from 5 to 100 paylines. But there’s only so far these sorts of simple slots will go, and it’s no surprise that the company has put a lot of effort into keeping its selection of online slots modern. And that doesn’t just mean mobile support in this case.

These games come with a button that allows you to buy your way into the main special feature, which is a pretty good indication of how the games are set up. That is to say, each pokie tends to have one central bonus function, like free spins, which is then reinforced with a selection of other specials.

If you pick the right game you’ll even get into upgradeable and sometimes interactive bonus games. Such as with free spins that come with special symbols, which turn into even more valuable versions of themselves if you collect the right amounts of scatters, wilds or mystery symbols. We suggest taking a look, as you are certain to find one or more slots that offer exactly what you’re looking for.

Pragmatic Play Live Casino

Pragmatic Play Live Casino

The live casino was launched around 2019, and though the selection was rather limited at the start it has since expanded to cover a variety of games, offering them in several different languages. Besides table games, the selection also includes game shows, such as the Mega Wheel.

Check out the following games to get started:

The live casino is available via smartphones, tablets and desktop computers, each with its own fitting interface. The video quality is high, and most likely it’s going to be your internet connection that is the limiting factor here, rather than the quality from the provider. The studios themselves are located in Bucharest, Romania, from where games are provided in a variety of languages.

Other Casino Games

Officially this category is under “Other RNG Games” at Pragmatic Play, with RNG obviously meaning random number generator. So what kind of games are these then? Well, first of all, these games include the automated versions of table games like roulette and blackjack. The second group comprises games like Keno, video poker, and other similar number-based games.

Finally, the biggest group in this category are the scratch cards. There are a good dozen of these, with top prizes that range from the cool million of Wolf Gold to smaller but more likely wins of thousands in 7 Piggies scratchcard. This is overall not a very big category of games, but it does serve its function as something to check out whenever you want a change from rolling reels or live casino.

Pragmatic Play Sportsbook

The latest addition for Pragmatic Play is their sportsbook. The solution covers pretty much all the popular sports and allows even custom markets for online casinos that have the resources to update and upkeep their own odds and ends. The whole system is built on moddability and customisation, which allows individual providers to offer just the sort of experience their customers are after.

Of course, it’s not entirely up to the casinos. Pragmatic Play not only offers all the big sports and markets but data feeds directly from the source too. This means that you’ll get to look at the details not only before the match but during the action too. This isn’t something that has yet to take the online casinos by storm, but looking at the mobile-compatible product and everything it offers, we do expect more and more sites to offer these betting opportunities from Pragmatic Play.

Pragmatic Play Online Bingo

Whereas online slots and other similar casino games seem to enjoy an ever-growing selection of new producers and designers, online bingo has gone the other way. In a way, this is similar to online poker, where fewer and fewer providers operate bigger and bigger networks.

Bingo is an interesting mix of multiplayer and singleplayer. You’re not playing against other players, yet the community is perhaps the most important thing about online bingo. In addition to all the possible bingo games and rooms of course.

Players get access to traditional setups like 90-ball bingo, but also experimental and custom games from pragmatic Play like Bingo Blast. There are a variety of rooms, ticket prices, and jackpots to ensure that all players can find an interesting setup for themselves. The company also offers free tickets and other bonuses as options for online casinos. Though bingo is one of those games that draws players into shared rooms across all online casinos, Pragmatic Play has also decided to give plenty of customisation options for individual sites. This means that private rooms and mini-games can create a completely different sort of bingo experience at different casino sites.

Pragmatic Play Virtual Sports

Virtual sports are an interesting field of casino gaming, even if it isn’t the most popular one. Without a doubt, these games do draw in a core group of gamers who enjoy betting on truly random outcomes. Not to be confused with E-sports, virtual sports are basically computer generated sports results. 

These Pragmatic Play games come with next-level animations, which don’t look too bad on mobile screens either. Most of the games are accessible via the same interface, making this Virtual Sports system almost like a betting platform of its own. You’ll also have access to different sorts of bets and odds in several different sports like greyhound racing, Formula, and even a football league.

Pragmatic Play Bonuses

Pragmatic Play Bonuses

Promotional tools are here to stay, in fact, they have become one of the core features of online slots ever since NetEnt first started distributing free spins with Starburst. Other gaming companies soon caught on, and Pragmatic Play is no different in that regard. The company has spent a lot of time perfecting their bonus tools, going far beyond the original free spins and bonus cash. Gamification and giving that extra bit of entertainment via events really take the games to the next level.

Starting with tournaments that can be offered for both online slots and live casino with all sorts of prize configurations. Once again, the company has left the details for individual casinos to decide on, and compete for players with. Prize drops allow random wins for simply playing Pragmatic Play games, whereas free rounds allow giving players free spins of varying values. There’s even a possibility of giving players as many free rounds as they can play in a given timeframe. Scratch cards and free bingo tickets are also possible rewards for active players.

Drops & Wins

Drops & Wins from Pragmatic Play is another innovative bonus feature, available in all online casinos willing to offer the best bonus programs for their players. The concept was launched in the start of 2020, and it has proven to be extremely popular for both casinos and players. Most bonuses are usually offered by casinos themselves, which makes the Drops & Wins so different, as the prizes come directly from Pragmatic Play.

How does it all work then? Well, players who play select slots and live casino games can win random prizes provided by Pragmatic Play. It can take as little as one spin to grab random prizes worth thousands of dollars. Other prizes are linked to tournaments and leaderboards. Cash, free spins and other prizes are available in larger numbers, and players have a pretty free hand in deciding which competitions they participate in, and what prizes they are after.

Most Popular Slots From Pragmatic Play

Most Popular Slots From Pragmatic Play

The company has a lot to offer, and despite its relatively young age has gone on to innovate and come up with all sorts of bonus functions and additions to be served alongside their games. But all of that doesn’t count for much if the games themselves aren’t good enough. So which Pragmatic Play slots should you check out to get a good idea of the overall quality?

Here are our suggestions for anyone trying out the games for the first time:

These should be more than enough to get you started and going. We also suggest taking a look at the online bingo offered by the company, especially as it allows playing online slots whilst daubing the tickets. Whichever game you end up choosing you’re guaranteed to have an entertaining casino experience.

Pragmatic Play Casinos FAQ

Pragmatic Play Casinos FAQ
  1. What is the average RTP in Pragmatic Play online slots?

The early games dipped considerably below 96% at times, but the company eventually caught on to modern trends and the newer games are on the better side of that figure. In other words, they adhere to the industry standards.

  1. Can I take part in the tournaments and competitions without making a deposit?

Drops & Wins and other similar casino promotions are only available for depositing and active players. However, you might get your hands on no deposit bonuses from time to time, though these will be for individual games.

  1. Are all the games available at all online casinos?

No. Slots are the most popular product, and are likely available at every casino Pragmatic Play is present. However, live casino, sportsbook, and bingo are a lot harder to come by, simply because not all online casinos decide to offer these products. Check out our NZ online casino reviews to find everything you’re looking for.

  1. How do I know these games are safe and secure?

Our list of online casinos are certain to offer safe and secure services. On top of that, you should know that Pragmatic Play is licensed in Malta, Gibraltar, Bahamas, UK and Romania. Gaming Labs have also independently tested and certified the games. You couldn’t have a stronger set of official bodies when it comes to checking the legitimacy of casino game producers.

  1. Is there something that Pragmatic Play doesn’t offer?

Progressive jackpots seem to be entirely missing from the selection of games. This isn’t so surprising given the fact that the company offers all sorts of other solutions that make up for this, like tournaments with massive prize pools. Still, they’d be a welcome addition for interested players.